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Backbone js development

What is Backbone.js?

Computer browser is no longer the only face of internet. A variety of smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices are proliferating in the market, shifting the trend of how web content is presented towards display through an API. Backbone.js ensures that all communications with the server are done through RESTful API thereby augmenting the scalability of interaction among components. A light framework, Backbone.js allows developers an access to the functionalities of this JavaScript library and structure the code in Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design paradigm. In cases where the UI is subjected to regular changes but does not alter the server each time, Backbone.js fits the purpose perfectly. Apt to the name, it acts like the backbone upon which an application can be built and implemented with ease using a reliable set of base classes. All data can be presented in terms of models that can be created, manipulated, validated, deleted and saved to the server.

Advantages of Backbone.js Development

  • Event binding
  • Server refreshing
  • Useful utility library
  • Well documented code
  • Most useful for building views
  • Negates the need to store data in DOM
  • Code is organized and broken down into module as .js files
  • Lightweight; only dependent on one JavaScript library-Underscore.js

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