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College/University Automatic Attendance System

Biometric/RFID Student Attendance Monitoring System For College/University

A major element of accreditation is to ensure that colleges have efficient and transparent methods of tracking students' attendance.

College Automatic Attendance System (CAMS) is biometric and RFID based comprehensive attendance management system for Colleges. CAMS provide robust, secure and automatic attendance management system for both Students and Staff. CAMS has an inbuilt facility of sending automatic SMS and Email alerts to the Guardians of the students.

Attendance Times

Students’ scheduled daily attendance times can be set for one or a group of students. These times would typically be each day’s scheduled start and finish times and can vary by day, e.g. Mon-Thurs 09:00-16:00; Fri 09:00-15:00.

CAAS supports many different weekly attendance patterns, so there is scope to cover a wide range of variations.

Administrator View

You can easily differentiate between students who are currently on site and those who have attended, but have since left site. Students can arrive and depart as many times as they wish in a day, with the times of all instances being recorded.

Student Attendance Calendar

Every student has their own Attendance Calendar showing details of their attendance, absence, authorised holidays, sickness, placements and the like. This makes it incredibly easy to have a clear picture of every student’s attendance throughout the academic year.


  • CAAS has a comprehensive set of reports to ensure you are kept fully informed of student attendance behaviour, such as;
  • less than required percentage attendance (e.g. 80%, 85%)
  • failing to attend for the required hours (e.g. 15 hrs per week)
  • absent for a specified number of days (e.g. 10 consecutive)
  • persistent late arrival
  • daily absence
  • daily absence
  • The CaptureIT system can be extended to include full access control to help keep your students, staff and property safe.
  • The technology uses the same student proximity ID card and can be configured in line with your college access policy.
  • When a student is marked as ‘left’ they cannot gain access, even if they retain their ID card.

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