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Java Struts Development

Building an easily maintainable web application can be one of the most critical needs for your business. Using a mature framework like Struts, EZ Technologies specializes in building enterprise level Java applications, meeting your business needs that support user extension

Struts is an open source framework, an offering from Apache Software Foundation, for creating Java Web Applications. Web applications based on Java Server Pages (JSP) combine together various components such as database code, page design code and control flow code. In practice, we find that unless these components are separated, larger applications become difficult to maintain. Struts Java Web Development aims at solve the above difficulty for developers


  • Experience and expertise of using servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology
  • Experience in developing robust, extensible, and easy to maintain application using Java Struts technology
  • Expertise in tackling various Java Struts application development challenges
  • Expert team of Java professionals offering a broad range of Java Struts/ J2EE / Java / Java Application Development Services
  • Proven skills in project leadership and delivery

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