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MongoDB Application Development

MongoDB is an open source document-oriented database system developed and supported by 10gen. It is part of the NoSQL family of database systems. MongoDB is a general purpose database that can be used for many different projects. MongoDB’s dynamic schema and object-oriented structure make it an ideal fit for real-time analytics and dashboarding along with eCommerce, mobile, archiving and more.

It is designed with accelerating fast performance and endless degree in mind. It features a document-oriented data model, dynamic schema, full index support, ultra-fast in-place updates, rich, dynamic queries, built-in sharing and auto-failover, and supports GridFS and MapReduce.

MongoDB is a great fit for projects with very large volumes of data and significant scale-out requirements that still require extremely high performance, where data is too complex and assorted to model in a relational schema, or involving real-time analytics.

Our expert team of software engineers has many years of experience in building effective applications using MongoDB and other tools, both as primary storage and as caching tier, deployed on various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, etc.

Geometric processing as a field of study has many applications, and has brought results in lots of research, and powerful tools. Many modern web applications have location based components, and require a data storage engine capable of managing geometric information. Typically this requires the introduction of an additional storage engine into your infrastructure, which can be a time consuming and expensive operation. MongoDB has a set of geometric storage and search features.

Features of MongoDB

  • Ad hoc queries:Any field can be queried at any time.
  • Indexing:Indexes are similar to RDBMS indexes.
  • Aggregation:MapReduce can be used for batch processing of data and aggregation operations.
  • File Storage:The software implements a protocol called GridFS that is used to store and retrieve files from databases
  • Server-side JavaScript execution:
  • JavaScript can be used in queries, aggregation functions
  • Capped collections:MongoDB supports fixed-size collections called capped collections.
  • Replication:MongoDB supports master-slave replication.
  • Sharding:MongoDB scales horizontally using a system called sharding.

Advantages of using it:

  • MongoDB is a document store with no transactions and no joins.
  • Sharding is a powerful and flexible feature of MongoDB. If you have lots of data and you are getting disk-bound and/or running out of space, take your data and split across several machines. You get more disk throughput and more storage. In a perfect world, as your storage and performance needs grow, just add more shards.
  • MongoDB features GridFS, which lets you store files in the database.
  • Its big strength is map/reduce and its document-orientation.

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