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School Automatic Attendance System

Schools have particular needs regarding security and Time and Attendance.School officials and parents have been waiting a long time for a automatic School Attendance solution to the vexing problem of knowing if, when student has entered or exit school premises. Bunking , Absenteeism, Truancy lead student taking to drugs, High Dropout etc.they require specific clocking-in solutions to suit them. EZ expertise in time and attendance has derived from years of experience in providing clocking-in systems for school organizations.

SAAS Method

School Automatic Attendance System (SAAS) is biometric and RFID based comprehensive attendance management system for schools.
The provides robust, secure and automatic attendance management system for both Student and Staff.
Automatic SMS and Email alerts for Parents

SAAS Elements:

  • Biometric Attendance Devices
  • Biometric Mobile Devices
  • Webcam
  • Radio Frequency ID (RFID) Tags
  • SAMS Client Interface
  • SAAS Server
  • SAAS Software
  • Bulk SMS facility
  • Automatic Email Alerts
  • Client-Server Architecture

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